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We will continue to stay updated on the evolving COVID-19 situation and will have updates ready via email, our Google Business page, Facebook, Instagram, and our clinic voicemail if any changes do occur. We are committed to keeping you informed through this process!

YES! We Can Support You Remotely!

Virtual Nutrition Consultations with Dr. Hurd

  • Although muscle testing remotely is challenging, Dr. Hurd still has ABUNDANT knowledge of nutrition and supplementation which can be applied to your individual health concerns and can give customized recommendations over the phone or Zoom.
  • If you need to purchase supplements, see below (“Online Supplement Orders”)
  • Thought to consider:
    • Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.) feed on dead and dying tissue, so now is a GREAT time to do a detox!
    • People who are at high risk for COVID-19 and other illnesses include those who:
      • Are elderly
      • Have high blood pressure
      • Are obese
      • Have Type II Diabetes
      • Have immune confusion (including autoimmune disease and food sensitivities)
  • We don’t treat COVID-19 or any disease, but great nutrition can improve your health status!

Virtual Ergonomics Sessions with Dr. Chelsea (for adults AND children AND teens)

  • Although some people have become more mobile since the start of physical distancing, many have decreased their activity, especially children and teens. In addition, we’re seeing more individuals (students included) working from the couch or a chair on laptops, which is not friendly to spinal mechanics and neurology.
  • Poor posture contributes to neck pain, headaches, fatigue, poor digestion, low back pain, and more. All of these lead to decreased focus and less productivity!
  • Dr. Chelsea is hosting both 1 on 1 and group sessions over Zoom to get your family moving and work on preventing “tech neck“.

Online Supplement Orders

  • We are ALWAYS able to take your supplement orders over the phone and mail them to you!
  • We are also now able to help you order supplements directly through our suppliers!

ALL of these consultations and services can be scheduled by calling us at 770-455-6767 or sending an email to

We do have call forwarding in case of emergencies and we do check our email!

Lunch and Learn: Wednesdays at 12:30

  • A LIVE interview with both of our doctors on topics YOU want to learn! Get your health questions answered in real time!
  • Two Login options:
  • You also will have the option to watch the recording on Facebook or YouTube

Coaching Call with Lisa: Fridays at 12:30

  • Lisa is making her coaching skills available as a free resource for our community while we navigate the storm we’re experiencing in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Come be encouraged with healthy perspective and coached to orient yourself toward YOUR well-being.
  • Join via Zoom:
    Meeting ID: 882 892 104
    Password: 012684

Check out our Current Events Page to see what else we’re working on!

Thank you for your patience in this time as we do our best to help flatten the curve while still providing quality patient care.