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Your Second Visit to Our Chamblee Practice

Dr. Hurd shows a patient her x-ray at Atlanta Natural Health Clinic

Rather than lying down, we want X-ray views showing your body in a weight-bearing position.

Your second visit usually will last about 30 minutes. During that time, Dr. Hurd will meet with you to show you the findings of the exams and share the care plan recommended specifically for your individual case.

Again, we don’t know what patients have learned before their visit to our office and it’s very important to us that you’re able to make informed decisions regarding your body.

After meeting with the doctor, chiropractic patients will then proceed to the adjusting area for their adjustment. Dr. Hurd will explain the techniques which will be used specific to your body’s needs. Some patients are more comfortable with gentle techniques and others prefer more vigorous diversified/manual techniques. Our Doctors of Chiropractic are gifted and expertly proficient with many techniques allowing them to care for many kinds of patients presenting with different needs and preferences.

What comes next?

After the adjustment, the front desk will assist in making future appointments and confirm financial arrangements.

Nutrition Response Testing patients can expect Dr. Hurd to offer a clear understanding of the exam findings and at that point can choose to begin the process of implementing the recommendations specific to their needs. The front desk will assist in financial arrangements, purchasing supplements, and future appointments.

Other than the initial visit, NSRT / BAX appointments generally take about 20-30 minutes. If a patient is under severe stress or has had a head injury since their previous visit, additional protocol may be required.

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The purpose of the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic is to facilitate a greater expression of life by supporting and empowering patients to take responsibility in their quest for health and healing.

Second Visit at Atlanta Natural Health Clinic | Chamblee Chiropractor