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PEMF 4000 has arrived at ANHC!

Have you heard about the new tool at the Atlanta Natural Health Clinic?  The PEMF4000 is the latest innovation in Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. The Russians and Eastern Europeans have successfully been using similar technology over the past 30 years, but in the U.S. it has only been available for about five.

Allow us to explain how it works and why we believe it will change the future of natural medicine, as we know it.  Watch Dr. Oz share his excitement about the technology HERE.

Of all the wonderful natural healing modalities available to us today – nutrition, organic diets, chiropractic, cold laser therapy, bio-meridian, ionic foot baths, etc. – the primary stumbling block has always been: the Patient’s Energy Level.  It directly effects the opportunity to express healing potential.

Each cell needs a certain amount of energy to make the needed repairs or benefit from the various healing modalities. It doesn’t matter what kind of therapy you perform, if cells don’t have enough energy to function, the therapy can’t be as effective.

Though practitioners have understood this for years, the challenge has been what to do to increase cell energy. The PEMF 4000 increases your cells’ electric membrane potentials. But what does that really mean for you?

Think of it this way – every cell in your body is a small, electrical battery that is constantly conducting a current. Cells use this current to take in essential nutrients, excrete waste and communicate with each other. How well your “batteries” are charged is inevitably going to determine how much work your body can accomplish. Consequently, how much work your cells perform has a direct impact on your health.

How Does The PEMF4000  Work?

Let’s visualize a construction crew building a new home. The workers are our cells that have specific jobs to do. The home they’re building could be any injury or damaged/diseased tissue that’s in need of “re-building.” What do the workers need to accomplish their task?

They need four things:

1. Plans – Each of your cells have an innate design (imagine the acorn that becomes the oak) and a master plan.  The multitude of functions and processes are all intricately connected and fit together perfectly.

2. Supplies – Examples of supplies are things like nerve impulses, oxygen, and nutrition. Your cells need nutrients to accomplish healing and repair work. The quality of the supplies directly affects the quality of the house. You wouldn’t build a house with weak wood or flimsy straw, and your cells can’t build or repair your body with poor nutrients.

3. A clean working environment – In order to build a solid foundation, you would first remove the trees, shrubs, large rocks and other debris from the work area, creating a clean work environment. This debris represents the toxins in your body. You cannot build on toxic or uneven soil.

4. Power – Finally, you need Power. The workers’ power tools run on batteries, which represent the batteries in each of your cells. If you don’t have enough charge, the tools don’t work and the house can’t be built.

A perfectly healthy body has the ability to naturally maintain a steady supply of “power” to its cells’ batteries. However, most people are bombarded with numerous stressors from the modern world that prevent or block this natural flow of energy to the cells. Subluxation, exposure to DC electricity, stress, poor nutrition, stress, insomnia, lack of exercise, stress, dehydration, fear, and more can all impact your body’s capacity to renew its power.

Let’s think about what would happen to this work crew if you cleared the land, gave them all the supplies they needed, including the blueprints, tools and even payment in full, but were unable to charge the batteries in their power tools? Not much work could be done. You’d have a crew with potential, but no power to cut wood, build a frame or put up walls.

This is the missing link in patients’ “cellular health” that often stalls or prevents healing and the PEMF 4000 may be just what you need to bridge the gap.

The PEMF4000 “recharges” your cells’ batteries. With fully charged power tools and the right supplies, the crew is now ready to get to work.

Read more HERE.  Tell others that might’ve mentioned to you that they’ve “tried everything”.  This may be just the charge they need to begin to see the support they’re giving themselves really begin to effect lasting change.

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