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Patient Appreciation Day / Week

Patient Appreciation Day
 is our way of saying thank you for being a part of our ANHC family and for choosing CHIROPRACTIC, NRT and BAX as part of your lives. On Sat., Nov. 2nd, from 9:00 – 1:00 we will be giving FREE adjustments, reflexology, mini-massages, food and this year, Daniel Bastacky will join us with his crystal singing bowls for meditation and massage treatments.   We’re very thankful to be a part of your health care and your lives. If you haven’t already, please schedule your appointment now.  770-455-6767November 4-8  is Patient Appreciation Week!  This is an opportunity for people referred by you to receive an initial chiropractic or nutritional (NRT) evaluation at NO charge. This visit includes consultation, evaluation with scans, and any necessary X-Rays. Please share the news with folks you know that aren’t currently including chiropractic and nutritional support as part of their health care. This opportunity is often the motivation people need to better their lives through a more natural approach to healthThank you for the continued support and for helping to improve the quality of life for others! Our website is a great start for people to explore “what to expect”.  It’s important to us that we’re all able to make informed choices regarding our bodies. (Any additional care will be agreed upon by both parties.)

Please also note that an additional Patient Appreciation BAX series of 10 visits with Lisa  may be purchased for only $500  through the month of November!!   This is especially timely with coming stresses of the winter holidays.

Please remember to bring your non-perishable food items and blankets through the month of November so that we can support those with need.

We’re excited to have so many amazing people in our ANHC family and looking forward to serving you soon!

With great appreciation,

All of us at ANHC

PS  Please “like” our Facebook page.  We periodically post helpful health tips, inspirational quotes and stories, even throwing in a bit of humor now and then.  Our goal is to reach 500 “likes” before the year ends.  Consider inviting others to “like” us too.  Thanks for your continued support!  (While you’re there, you may “like” Lisa’s OptiMOM Coaching page too.)

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