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Direct Quote from an ANHC Parent

Back to School Check-Ups and Backpack Checks!

Whether your child is going back to school in-person or staying home for a virtual semester, it’s important to get their nerve system checked!

We have seen SUBSTANTIAL spinal and nerve system changes (in negative ways) to our children and teens in 2020. Physical patterns we were formerly seeing only in adults or children/teens who had been through significant traumas are now common in almost all of our patients (yes, even weight-bearing infants and toddlers). In addition, the effects of increased screen time on your child’s development and behavior may not be obvious yet, but they may present down the road.

Here’s the great news: WE CAN HELP!!

Through September 1, 2020, we are offering complimentary posture checks, ergonomics evaluations, and backpack checks for your child up to age 18. This is in addition to the complimentary health consultations which we offer year-round for anyone trying to decide if chiropractic care is right for their family.

Please act now and make sure your child starts the school year with a healthy nervous system!

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