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Holiday Promotions – Our Holly Jolly Health Days

We know your health is important to you, and you want those you love to be healthy too! This year, we created promotions and gift bundles to help you bless your loved ones this holiday.

  • $5 off Magnets & Phone Chips – 12/2 & 12/11
  • 10% Off Supplements – 12/4 & 12/16
  • $15 off Optimal Health Kits – 12/7 & 12/18
  • $20 Footbaths – 12/9 & 12/14
  • We’ll also be offering Gift Certificate Ornaments at a discount as well as supplement bundles and healthy stocking stuffers!

Give the gift of health this holiday season!

Mail Delays – Thanks for your patience! Other Options Available.

It’s December and those holiday shipping delays are kicking in. Unfortunately, we can’t hurry along the postal service and we do appreciate your patience. Currently, shipping may take 3 weeks to arrive, so plan accordingly!

If you need your supplements sooner, we do offer contact-free pickup as an option in addition to in-office pickup. Call Chrissie for details at 770-455-6767.


(conflicting copy) Detox Challenge

Creating a Healthy New Year

Let’s “Detox 2020″, yes? We’re ready to re-set our health and start 2021 with a clean system. Will you join us?

More details about the cleanse can be found at HERE or you can call 770-455-6767 or email





Direct Quote from an ANHC Parent

Check-Ups for Kids!

Whether your child is at school in-person or staying home for a virtual semester, it’s important to get their nerve system checked!

We have seen SUBSTANTIAL spinal and nerve system changes (in negative ways) to our children and teens in 2020. Physical patterns we were formerly seeing only in adults or children/teens who had been through significant traumas are now common in almost all of our patients (yes, even weight-bearing infants and toddlers). In addition, the effects of increased screen time on your child’s development and behavior may not be obvious yet, but they may present down the road.

Here’s the great news: WE CAN HELP!!

Sign your child up for a complimentary health consultation to decide if chiropractic care is right for your younger family members.

Please act now and make sure your child has a healthy nervous system!

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