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2022-03-02 (1)

Can you guess how many frogs at ANHC? Enter your guess on your next March visit for your chance to win prizes. Closest 5 are winners and exact guess wins MORE!




2022-01-31 (1)


Standard Process is hosting their annual 21 and 28 Day Detox Challenge beginning January 3, 2022. You can sign up HERE to receive daily encouraging emails that correspond with your program selection! For the remainder of December, we are extending a 10% savings off your Detox Program Products when you pre-pay. Once you’ve decided which program will work best for you, call or email Chrissie at 770-455-6767 or and she will place the order for you to pick up. If you prefer to order yourself (no discount), you can order direct from Standard Process HERE.  Trouble deciding which program is right for you? Talk about it on your next visit. 

2021-12-19 (1)





Save the dates and SAVE money all month long!



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Nov. 15-19 – Save on these digestive supports! Just in time for your holiday feasts!






Week of Sept 13:

  • FREE Coaching sessions Tues, Wed, Thurs
  • FREE Footbaths on Thursday
  • FREE Bemer sessions on Friday
  • Support artisans around the world this week (A little early holiday shopping?)
  • Tell your people
  • Raffle Entry with every service
  • Chiropractic is 126 Years Old!!

Sharon Reid of Three Hearts, One Beat will be in the office Tuesday and Wednesday morning for FREE Coaching Sessions. Lisa Engle of OptiMOM Coaching will be giving FREE Coaching Sessions on Thursday (9/16) morning. This is a great opportunity to kick start desired change in your life.

FREE Detox Footbaths all morning Thursday, 9/16

FREE Bemer Sessions all day THIS, 9/17

There are still appointments available for all these Patient Appreciation Month FREEBIES. Call 770-455-6767 or email to schedule.

-  Shop NOONDAY all week! We’re grateful to support the work one of our raffle prize contributors in the clinic today. This is an awesome opportunity to support dignified work for artists around the world living in vulnerable communities.

2021-09-12 (2)

ALL MONTH, people YOU refer can schedule their Initial Chiropractic and/or Nutrition Exam for NO CHARGE*. Please tell someone about this opportunity.

- With each service, you can put your name in the hat to win a variety of awesome prizes. The list to date is pasted below, but more are coming!

We are SO very grateful TO and FOR you! Happy Patient Appreciation Month and Happy Birthday, Chiropractic! Saturday, Sept. 18th marks 126 years!

In gratitude,

All of us at ANHC

 *$140 value. The complimentary evaluation includes a consultation, examination, and any computerized scans. NOT applicable for PERSONAL INJURY claims. The complimentary exam does not include a chiropractic adjustment or supplement purchase.  Any additional care will be agreed upon by both parties prior to service.


PAM Prize list




It has been so fun to help folks become more informed about their state of health and function with our re-scans! The Thermography can give us indicators of compromised function long before symptoms show up and the Surface (no needles!) EMG gives us a window into how the muscles are responding to our posture and musculoskeletal well-being. (text-neck, home office/school ergonomics, postural changes, etc all add to this kind of spinal stress)

Heart Rate Variability will evaluate the relationship between our “Fight, Flight, Freeze” Sympathetic Nervous System function (thank you for helping us run from perceived danger!) and the Rest, Restore, Renew, Recover Para-sympathetic Nervous System function (thank you for helping us to heal and renew our cells).

Free scans are only available to our existing patients. We’re planning September for Patient Appreciation Month and you can share no charge scanning process with others then. (more to come on that in a few weeks) This is an IDEAL time to get kids checked before school starts back. 

It’s been decades since we have held Saturday hours, but Dr. Carmi is resurrecting that chance for a weekend adjustment! For now, we are adding appointment times on the 1st Sat. of each month with the strong potential to expand that. Would you like to be on the schedule for Saturday, August 7th? Call or email Chrissie today. (770-455-6767 or 


For the month of July AND August, Dr. Carmi will be offering all our existing patients a FREE rescan with our Insight Technology. The scan consists of three major components: Heart Rate VariabilityThermography and Surface EMG. When patients start care and move through their initial phase of care, scans are a regular part of assessing change, but after the relationship has been established and care choices move to lifestyle support or acute care, many of our patients aren’t scanned as frequently. We encourage you to take advantage of Dr. Carmi’s generous offer to gain insight to your health and function so that you’re making the most informed choices regarding your well-being. 



Special pricing for July with some of our new therapists!

Our Massage and Sound Therapists

Cindy Stockton

Cindy, Massage Therapist

Appointment: 770-316-1773
1 hour $85.00
90 minutes $125

Cindy has been serving in the healthcare field for over 30 years and loves developing relationships with clients as they journey toward health and healing. As a 1984 Atlanta School of Massage, she has developed expertise in Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Thai massage techniques. The calm and peaceful Spirit will put you at ease as soon as you meet her.


Wally, Massage Therapist

Appointment: 470-591-9436
30 minutes $50
60 minutes $150
90 minutes $200
(take $50 off July 60 and 90 minutes sessions!)

Wally graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in 2017. As a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor, he specializes in Trigger Point Therapy (TPT), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and Energetic Therapy. With his experience in yoga, he is able to provide his clients with additional tools to help relieve their pain with at-home instruction. He was born and raised in Binghamton, NY before moving to Atlanta in 2013.



Faith, Sound Therapist

Appointment: 678-774-9270
Introductory Rates (July and August):
2 30-minute sessions $85
30-minute session $60

Crystal singing bowls along with flutes are the only two instruments capable of producing a perfect sine wave, also known as pure tone. These waves do not erode over time and continue in their perfect form much like sending a beam of laser light off into the night skies. The pure tone of this perfect wave is capable of correcting imbalances in the human body through the law of resonance. This law states that when two similar energetic systems encounter each other, their vibrations will come into a state of harmonic vibration. Our brain wave patterns in alpha state have the same energetic patterns as sine waves.” The Mind Orchestra

Some of the many benefits of Sound Therapy:

  • facilitate deep relaxation and release in the the body
  • quiet the mind
  • deepen an inner experience of Peace
  • broaden Self awareness and consciousness





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Creating a Healthy New Year

Let’s “Detox 2020″, yes? We’re ready to re-set our health and start 2021 with a clean system. Start your Standard Process Detox now. More details about the cleanse can be found at HERE or you can call 770-455-6767 or email 2021-01-29 (4) 2021-01-29 (3) SP-Detox-Balance-Flyer __________________________________


Direct Quote from an ANHC Parent

Check-Ups for Kids!

Whether your child is at school in-person or staying home for a virtual semester, it’s important to get their nerve system checked! We have seen SUBSTANTIAL spinal and nerve system changes (in negative ways) to our children and teens in 2020. Physical patterns we were formerly seeing only in adults or children/teens who had been through significant traumas are now common in almost all of our patients (yes, even weight-bearing infants and toddlers). In addition, the effects of increased screen time on your child’s development and behavior may not be obvious yet, but they may present down the road.

Here’s the great news: WE CAN HELP!! Sign your child up for a complimentary health consultation to decide if chiropractic care is right for your younger family members. Please act now and make sure your child has a healthy nervous system!